21. April 2012

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[I don’t read spoilers, but I think Morgan’s baby is going to die :( We’ve not seen much of Arizona’s feelings on the subject - here it is]

Callie’s phone buzzes as she and Sofia are about to leave the hospital. It’s Mark.

Arizona’s on the second PEDS on-call room. The intern’s baby died. M x 

"Crap…" She hoists Sofia further onto her shoulder and heads to find her wife. As she approaches the on-call room, she can hear sobs coming from inside and her heart sinks. 

Arizona looks up as Callie opens the door.
"I just heard."

The blonde takes a shaky breath, swiping a hand under her eyes.
"He…he was born at 24weeks, his brain bleed wasn’t - "

Callie cut her off.
"He wasn’t as bad off as Sofia…" She finished quietly, bringing their daughter into the room and sitting down on the bed with her.

"I know you had it worse off than me during her first few weeks…I was post-op, recovering…still pretty out of it some of the time…but you saw everything she went through. You knew the exact risks of everything.”

Arizona sniffles quietly as Callie continues, running her fingers through Sofia’s growing hair.
Our baby is happy. Our baby is healthy. Our baby is safe. Let’s go home.” 

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